Phlite Camera Lamp

I am not a fan of kitschy camera stuff. I don’t like posts about camera-shaped cakes or cameras made out of Legos (even though they’re page view goldmines), but Phlite is actually pretty cool. Simply put, it’s a lamp that fits into a camera’s hot shoe or onto a tripod, letting you use your camera gear as decor.


The idea is the brainchild of an ex-pro photographer and it’s currently in Kickstarter phase, so you can get in early if you want one at the start.

The light has a simple lampshade, a woven textile power cable, and a cable exit on the shade so it won’t sit crooked when it’s not mounted to a camera.


I have quite a few old film cameras that don’t work anymore that would be a great fit with this thing. What camera would you put under one of these?

Check out the Kickstarter Page