instagram direct

At a major press event today, Instagram unveiled a new feature for its popular image sharing social network: photo and video messaging. Dubbed Instagram Direct, the new feature rolls out today, and will allow you to send your images to just a limited audience, rather than for the whole world to see.

Instagram Direct will allow you to send an Instagram image or video to up to 15 people directly, after which point you’ll be able to reply with just text, as a chat thread. And, to stop your inbox being flooded with spam, you can only receive direct messages from people you already follow. Other attempts will just go to your request queue, where you’ll be able to allow or disallow them.

This should allow Instagram users tighter control over who they show images to, and has Instagram weighing into the direct messaging wars. And it comes just after Twitter allowed for users to send photos via direct message, too.

Introducing Instagram Direct from Instagram on Vimeo.