facial recognition tshirt

It’s a little bit unnerving how well Facebook can identify faces. When you upload an image, not only will it easily spot all the people in the photo, but will often offer up suggestions as to who they are, to make tagging even easier. But what if you don’t want to be so easily recognized? That’s where the art project REALFACE Glamoflage comes in.

These t-shirts by Simone C. Niquille are covered with the faces of celebrities, which would cause any facial recognition program to tag them, too. It won’t stop you from being recognized, but it will certainly add more noise to the signal.

The shirts are part of a larger, Master’s Thesis in design at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam called FaceValue, and according to Wired, each custom printed shirt would go for around $65.

Now, if you want something that will really stop your face from being picked up, then something like the CV Dazzle project, which uses a combination of haircut and makeup to break face detection, might be more up your alley.