Want to Borrow The Google Street View Trekker Camera?

Grab a giant backpack full of camera gear and head out on an adventure

Google Street View Trekker Loaner Program

Google Street View Trekker Loaner Program

It's not the kind of photography we usually write about here at PopPhoto, but Google's Street View cameras have captured some pretty amazing images. Now, they're opening up the Trekker program and letting organizations borrow their massive cameras to document adventures.

Don't get too excited about bringing it on your next family vacation because the program is meant for larger organizations like tourism boards, non-profits, government agencies, universities, and research groups.

If you want to apply for the privilege, you can head over to the Google Street View Trekker Projects page and fill out a pretty simple application form.

While getting accepted to the program will probably be pretty tough, it's cool that Google is lending out their tech for outside use.

Where would you take the Trekker if Google loaned you one?