UFC Phantom Camera Slow Motion

Just about everything looks awesome in super slow-motion. The Ultimate Fighting Championship realizes this, so they recently added a Phantom camera to the arsenal of imaging equipment they use to televise their fights. The results are hypnotic and maybe not for the squeamish.

Personally, I’m a big fan of the UFC and MMA in general, so seeing the subtleties of the strikes is fascinating to me. Rory MadDonald’s jab pretty much single-handedly won him the fight against a surprisingly timid Jake Ellenberger and in this video, wet to see every detail of it.

Golf broadcasts have been using super slo-mo for quite some time to show golf swings, but I’m glad to see it making its way into more sporting coverage. I’m also glad no one is punching me so hard that my face squishes up and over to one side of my head.