Generally speaking, the USPS is pretty cool about sending bizarre objects through the mail, but it turns out if you want to send a postcard, there are some pretty strict controls about the size and layout in order for it to work. But one Kickstarter is working on a stamp that you’ll be able to hit the back of any photograph with, instantly making it a postcard, and able to be sent through the mail.

The project is called Stampede, and aims to bring in $10,000 through Kickstarter. Conceptually, it’s a pretty basic idea, but one that’s all the more handy for that. It’s an ink stamp that conforms to USPS’s rules for postcards. So you stamp the back of a photo, slap on your postage, write a note, and drop it in the mailbox. It means it’s super easy to take your holiday photo prints, or that box of old photos you just want to get rid of, and start sending them off.

Unfortunately, it’s not a very cheap project to back — you’ll need to drop at least $50 to get one of the stamps. There are cheaper alternatives out there, but it’s not clear if they conform to USPS’s requirements.

Still, if you’re the type of person who still likes making prints of your photos, and is fond of postcards, this could be an awesome way to send your images to people you care about.