PhotoYolo Gets You a Photo From a Stranger a Day

Every day your inbox will get a photo from a random stranger — and a chance to share one of your images with the world



Ever felt the need to have a random stranger send you a photograph? Or how about a different person each day? That's what PhotoYolo is offering, alongside the chance that you might be the person chosen to share an image with everyone who's subscribed.

PhotoYolo is inspired by the ListServe, a list where every day a subscriber is picked by lottery to share their thoughts over email. With PhotoYolo, you sign up, and every day one member is picked "to share one photo they've taken with the world". It could be a holiday snap on the beach somewhere, or a professional studio photograph, or anything else for that matter.

What's not immediately clear is if there's any policing of the list for content. Hopefully images have to meet some sort of standards so the entire thing doesn't just descend into nudity. But apart from that, it could be extremely interesting for each day, someone to send out what they think is their best, their most interesting, or just most entertaining photo, for everyone to get in their inbox.

[via Jezebel]