natgeo auction

Starting tomorrow, auction house Christie’s will be holding an online-only event to sell a number of famed National Geographic photographs. Christie’s and National Geographic have together selected 125 classic works to celebrate 125 years of the magazine, and will be offering new prints of all of these for auction, which will run July 19 through 29.

Part of the proceeds of the sales will go to the preservation of the originals that the prints were made from — so while you might not be getting an old photograph, you will at least be helping keep some in good condition.

Christie’s hasn’t released a full list of what work will be available, but we do know that the pieces are estimated to run from $400-5,000, and more information will be available here from tomorrow. But we do know some of the photographs, such as Joel Sartore’s incredible image of a bear catching a salmon, which is expected to go for $800-1,200; as well as work by Michael S. Yamashita and Annie Griffiths.