SmugMug Promises To Keep Your Metadata No Matter What

With photographers up in arms over changes to orphan works laws in the UK, SmugMug has reiterated its commitment to keeping your metadata intact.

smugmug pro logo

smugmug pro logo

Earlier this year, changes in copyright law in the UK were made that amounted to a loss of protection for orphan works. If the files lack metadata, or the original source could not be found, they could be used without restriction. Thankfully, some sites are still devoted to making sure your images never end up in this state. As reported by ePhotoZine, SmugMug plans to do everything it can to make sure your images remain yours.

SmugMug CEO Don MacAskill is quotes as saying:

"We know this is a very important issue for photographers but unlike some sites, SmugMug does not strip key metadata from customers’ images. Assuming a customer uploads their images with the proper metadata we will always maintain the important fields in their display copies (except thumbnails)."

With SmugMug's educator and account manager Sean Rogan added chiming in:

...there is a due diligence issue that corporations must embrace. So if an original file is out there and is lifted from SmugMug and ends up in a national newspaper, the photographer can make the case that the image has been used without his/her knowledge. The publisher will not be able to contest this because the original source file will have all its necessary metadata."

Even if you're not based in the UK, and probably won't be affected by the law changes there, this sort of dedication to photographer's rights is always nice to see. By protecting the metadata, SmugMug makes it that much more straightforward to keep control of your own work.