samsung patent

Getting a friend or stranger to take your photo can be something of a crapshoot. You have no idea of how good they are at composing, or even basics like making sure the subject is in focus. But a new patent from Samsung could allow you to do much of the legwork first, and make sure that someone else taking your photo comes out well.

This new patent essentially allows you to compose the scene as you like it and take a photo. Then you hand the camera over to another person, and it shows the first shot as an overlay. That person then lines up the two photos — one now with you in it — and snaps the shot, capturing you in a composition you can be proud of.

Not only that, but the system would also allow you to place a circle where you want your face to be, and offer even more bizarre tools, like giving the photographer a “composition score” of how well they’re doing, or even automatically firing the shutter when everything lines up.

We’ve seen overlays of some sort on digital cameras for some time — usually in the form of assisting a panorama, or for a double exposure. But this is a really innovative take on that technique, and could remove a lot of guesswork from getting someone else to snap your photos.

[via Engadget]