Even though Google Glass has been in people’s hands for a very short period of time, updates and apps have started flying. The last few days have seen a number of important changes for the wearable computer, but it’s still a long way away from being ready for widespread use.

Last night, Google Glass users were able to download a software update, which included better battery life estimates, international dialing, changes to syncing, and most importantly, Google+ integration in the form of incoming notifications and the ability to comment and +1 posts from Glass.

Since Google+ is Google’s own social network, it should come as no surprise that it was one of the first services with which Glass integrates. But software developers are on the case, creating apps to fill the gaps. There’s an unofficial app called Glass to Facebook, which does exactly what you think it would: it allows you to post photos taken with your Glass directly to Facebook.

There’s also already an app to put low quality filters on your photographs. Glassagram isn’t actually related to Instagram in any meaningful way, despite what the name and logo (above) might have you believe. Rather, it just has a scant handful of incredibly basic and not very impressive filters which can be applied to an image. Hopefully if an official Instagram app ever does land for Google Glass, it will do a better job than this.

While none of these options are exactly expansive and fully featured, they do speak to how much interest there is in the Google Glass, and how quickly people seem to be developing apps for the platform.