ratcliff full size

Over on his blog, Trey Ratcliff has spotted something very interested over on Google+: that you can upload a full sized image to the social network, if you go about doing it right. He noted that if you upload a full resolution image to your Google Drive, and then add the image to Google+ from said Drive, it shows up as the full size — even with his images that are more than 7,000px wide.

Here’s how Ratcliff lays out uploading the images:

Ratcliff also spotted how to link to various sizes of the same image by tweaking the URL, allowing you to embed or link to any image width that your heart desires. So for anyone who wants to put the full, big version of their photos up on Google+, this is the way to go about doing it.

Hopefully, we’ll see a mroe straightforward method in the near future, that doesn’t require you to make two separate Google services play nicely together before working.

[via Reddit]