superbowl instagram

It’s remarkable how much of a cultural touchstone Instagram has become. Case in point? You can tell how big an event was by how much traffic Instagram achieved. For yesterday’s Super Bowl XLVII between the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens, Instagram has released some official numbers, and there was no shortage of people uploading photos of their parties, TVs, and anything game related they could get their hands on.

According to Instagram, more than three million images were uploaded with Super Bowl related terms in their captions, and that peaked at a whopping 450 images per second. During the half-time show, 200 photos per second were flying up about Beyoncé. You can see some of the #superbowl images on various Instagram webfronts, and a lot of them are only vaguely related to the game itself — but people obviously care enough to tag their images on the topic.

For comparison, Instagram’s own stats put the site’s general traffic at a jaw-dropping 40 million images per day. That amounts to around 460 images per second for everyone the world over. To hit 450 images per second for just one event in one country shows just how excited people were getting about taking photos of their TV screens and bowls of dip.