Cyborg Head Camera

The idea of a robotic camera “eye” has been around for a long time. Neil Harbisson, however, has been putting a version of it to use in order to combat his achromatopsia, a condition that prevents him from seeing color.

Harbisson, who considers himself to be a cyborg, wears a head-mounted camera at all times. Software then translates colors in the scenes it records into audio tones. Green sounds different from red. But past that, he can even decipher different shades of green.

The most interesting bit of the story is that the tones eventually became innate for Harbisson, and he began hearing them even when he dreamed.

The video itself is fascinating and throws a new spin on the now age-old idea of what a robotic camera eye could mean for people in general. Now, the Cyborg Foundation is trying to help people embrace the idea of enhancing their senses using robotics, which sounds a little crazy, but also extremely interesting. We’re eager to see what else they’re able to come up with.