jaws lightmeter

Profiles in History is set to hold an absolutely incredible auction of items from Holllywood history — and it’ll feature not just objects from some of the most famous films of all time, but enough photography to satisfy even the most ardent film nut.

The big name auctions in this lot are all items used directly in films — the likes of Kate Winsletts dress from Titanic, Legolas’s bow, the head of Gort from the Day the Earth Stood Still, there is even an actual X-Wing from the Star Wars films, and a full size Alien costume from Aliens. However, for those more interested in the photography side of things, there’s also an incredible array of images from the history of cinema. There are hundreds of original international film posters, including a stunning array of James Bond originals.

You can download the entire catalog here, and pages 4-76 are almost entirely photographs. These include professional actors’ headshots, studio released scenes from films, and behind the scenes images. Some of these are more than a print of a famous image, though, a lot of them even include the original negatives for people who are truly dedicated collectors. You’ll see images of Greta Garbo, Liz Taylor, Clark Gable, Humphrey Bogart, and many more.

In terms of actual photography hardware used by the stars, my quick browse of the catalog didn’t turn up much. Just the Spectra light meter used to film _Jaws, _set to go for an estimated $1,000-$1,500.

Me? I’m saving my pennies for some of the concept art from the David Lynch Dune move, or a poster from the original and bizarre Casino Royale, or a piece of the Death Star, or one of James Bond’s suits, or an alien facehugger, or a dinosaur from Jurassic Park

[via MTV Geek]