gigapixel everest

Gigapixel images work best when they’re showing off something huge, but worthy of the detail — and nothing would fit that bill better than Mt Everest. This incredible photo has been released by GlacierWorks, and was taken in Spring of 2012. The image was shot from the Pumori viewpoint, and shows the Khumbu glacier, and that ice streak curving down the middle of the image is the Khumbu Icefall — one of the first, and most dangerous hazards, of the trek up Mount Everest.

In case your brain, like mine, can’t parse the scale here — zoom in on those little yellow dots at the bottom center of the frame. That’s Everest Base Camp, and each of those dots is a large yellow tent. Just a little bit up from that, you can see a cluster of people talking. Now, keep your eyes on them, and slowly zoom out.

Yes, it’s that big.

[via FStoppers]