Instagram Post

Maybe you’ve heard of this thing called Instagram. It has hundreds of millions of users and it’s owned by Facebook, who have the world’s largest collection of images, which grows every day. We’ve thought a lot about how to use this new social media outlet and I think we’ve figured it out. Now you can find us @PopPhotoMag.

The Popular Photography Instagram account (at least for now) is dedicated entirely to classic, unique, or just plain cool camera gear. No food pictures, no dog pictures, no kid photos. Just interesting camera stuff. None of it will use the vintage filters and we won’t flood your feed with posts. Plus, we’ll try to make each one a little educational.

So, follow us if you’re an Instagram-user or leave a mad comment on this post about how much you hate Instagram. You can also follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook, because we all live on the Internet now.