You’re always reminded to tell your doctor if any of your skin moles change size, shape, or color — but who spends enough time observing their moles to know intimately if they change? However, the ubiquitous smartphone means that some apps will do the hard work for you.

DoctorMole is an app for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone that’ll snap a picture of your mole, and then rate it on the five main characteristics that doctors check for: Asymmetry, Border, Color, Diameter, and Evolution (ABCDE). You can record the image and analysis, and then set reminders to see if its changed at all. The data is all stored securely so that no privacy is violated.

While this won’t replace an actual doctor’s visit, it does provide a nice level of basic introduction for what you need to look at to check your own moles.

This app is part of a growing trend of increased use of smartphones tied to medical technology. It’s not even the first smartphone app that purports to keep an eye on moles — Skin Scan has been around for a few years, though it has abysmal reviews. There are even ways of measuring your heartrate and breathing through an app, and hacking a microscope for your iPhone.

Now we just need a few friendly dermatologists to weigh in on if this app is actually any good or not.

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