Video 1946 Professional Photography

I’ll watch just about anything in the form of one of these old-timey news reels, but since this one is about professional photography, it’s that much closer to my heart.

The film is from 1946 and it gives a broad overview of all the careers available in the photography industry. It’s interesting that even back then it addresses the fact that certain aspects of professional photography were already extremely crowded, which should sound pretty familiar today.

You may not learn all that much from watching the 10-minute video, but it will give you a sense of history in regards to this medium that we love so much. You’ll also get a glimpse of some old techniques like retouching on the negative, which may be foreign to some.

Maybe someday people will find a video about photography from 2012 and they’ll laugh at us with our big DSLRs as they snap ultra-HD photos with their built-in eyeball cameras.

From: The Atlantic