Amazon Glacier Main

Backing up your photos is absolutely crucial. You should do it often and to more than one place. In fact, if you haven’t done it in a while, you should stop reading and go do it right now, then come back. We’ll wait right here. Done? Good. Now, there’s a new option when it comes to long-term backup and it comes in the form of Amazon Glacier.

Cloud storage for photos is nothing new, but this works a bit differently. For the cost of just a penny-per-gig, Amazon will sock away your digital data in a super secure “vault.” It promises secure encryption and durability way over 99.99%.

There are some catches, though. Unlike other storage solutions, this truly is an archive, so you won’t have instant access to your data. You’ll have to put in a request for what you want and then it takes a few hours before you can get it. You’ll also have to pay for some of the data stream you use transferring your data back to you. It’s still very cheap, but if you’re moving enormous amounts of pixels all the time, it could be a factor.

So, it’s not for everyone, but for those of us with massive, constantly growing collections of irreplaceable RAW files, it could be a very nice safety net.

Oh, and if you still didn’t go back your photos up, go do it. Really. Now.