dear flickr

With the announcement of Marissa Mayer as the new head of Yahoo! (for a reported salary of $100 million over five years), the internet put out a simple request. In the single-serving website Dear Marissa Mayer, the plea was “please make Flickr awesome again.” The online response was widespread, and Yahoo! responded in kind, asking people to “come help us make Flickr awesomer.”

So what can Flickr do to actually be awesome again? Sites like 500px, Facebook, and Google+ have eaten into its marketshare considerably. Many pixels have been spilled over what Yahoo!’s done wrong and what they should do. Flickr has been actively overhauling things, too, with features like justified view, a new uploader, new photo editor, and more.

The question we want to ask you, our readers, is how can Flickr be awesome again. What do they need to do to regain the top dog spot, and be the number one go to place for photographers? Get rid of group/award spam? Bump up storage space? Better search? Let us know what you think in the comments.