Getty London 2012

The Opening Ceremonies of any Olympic Games is always a spectacle to behold — and Getty Images is set to capture the London Olympic’s like never before seen. Getty has partnered with Fujitsu to create a planned 20-gigapixel image of the event, which will go up online overnight after the event, and be posted to Getty Images UK.

Once online, viewers will be able to play with the image, and tag themselves in the photo — a trick we saw previously at the 2011 FA Cup final. With 20-gigapixels of data, the image should be large enough to identify faces in the expected crowd of 70,000.

Fujitsu’s part in this endeavor is the infrastructure that allows such an enormous image to be uploaded relatively quickly, so that it can be up and viewable the next day, rather than taking days to get online.

That is, of course, assuming there are no hiccups in the whole process.

[via PhotographyBlog]