Longest Photo Ever

The Olympic Games are all about setting records, but why leave it just to the athletes? London Artist Clare Newton is attempting to create the world’s longest photograph in time for the London Olympics. She’s been working on the project, called Jump4London, for nearly two years, photographing thousands of children and adults from all walks of life across London. She’s combined the over 109,000 images of people jumping into a giant panorama photograph that stretches over 1 kilometer (nearly a mile) long.

To solicit people to participate in her world record attempt, Newton organized 87 events throughout the city over the last 21 months. The participants include a cross section of London life, including members from the Paralympic teams, students, tourists, and famous boxers.

“I had the pleasure of meeting so many interesting people, from all walks of life and who have felt inspired to take part. I tried to capture something about their personality and their zest for life as they spring into the air – for one split second I can see the real person light up,” said Newton.

The image will be on display at ExCel London from June 1-9 and Guinness World Records will judge it for the record on June 8th.

Via. The Royal Photographic Society