big camera

big camera

Forget the $2.8 million Leica, the 1110 series camera from Spectral Instruments is the one that will make your jaw drop.

“Spectral Instruments is the most creative company you’ve never heard of,” it’s a tiny company in Arizona that build outrageous camera mostly for scientific applications. But they want to put their lastest innovation in the hands of a select few pro photographers.

They are looking to create a one-off version of the 1110 series, a black and white only camera with a 95x95mm sensor (medium format sensors are typically 48x36mm). That massive sensor is cooled down to -100 degrees Celsius, which means it can take exposures that last for hours without overheating, which can lead to noise. The 112-megapixel CCD has no Bayer mask or AA fliter so the images will come out super sharp.

All of this doesn’t come cheap of course; the sensor alone costs $100,000 to make. But Spectral Instruments is hoping that the idea will leave enough people awe-inspired to champion the project and email suggestions for which photographs should be lucky enough to test what the camera can do. Email your suggestions to: And check out the video below for more on this massive camera. Or maybe they should just make a Kickstarter page like eveyrbody else.

via. Gizmodo