Flickr Gets Fancy New Image Uploader

Flickr is rolling out a new HTML5 image uploader, with better speeds and easier organizing.

Flickr uploader

Flickr uploader

Over the next few weeks, Flickr users will notice that their browser based uploader will change as the company rolls out an updated version of the Flickr Uploadr. Now running off of HTML5, the new version provides some pretty nifty UI tweaks, as well as allowing for much, much faster uploads.

To upload images, it's a simple matter of drag-and-drop from your OS, at which point you should see EXIF thumbnails in the UI almost immediately. From the uploader you'll be able to rearrange, edit, organize, and more readily add titles, descriptions, and tags. Flickr is claiming that some users will see upload speeds boost by up to 60%, and that the file size limit has been boosted to 50MB for pro users and 30MB for free ones. Here's some of what it will do:

Drag and drop batches of files from your OS. Where present and supported, EXIF thumbnails are shown in the UI almost immediately. Fluid photo “grid” shows photo thumbnails, allows larger, lightbox-style previews, inline editing of description/title and rotation. Mouse and keyboard-based grid selection and rearrange functionality similar to that of desktops. “Editor panel” shows state of current selection, provides powerful batch editing features (title + description, adding of tags, people, sets, license, privacy etc.) “Info” mode shows overlay icons on grid items, allowing for a quick overview of pending edits (privacy, people, tags etc.) Auto-retry and recovery cases for dropped / lost connection cases

You'll need an at least vaguely modern browser to use the new Uploadr: Chrome 6, Safari 5, and Firefox 8 or better, so people still rocking Internet Explorer will have to look elsewhere.