With increasing incidents of political unrest, seem to come increasing reports of attacks on photographers. Images caught by Reuters photographer Hugo Correia, American Foreign Press photographer Patricia Melo being attacked by a policeman in Lisbon yesterday. Melo was covering a strike by workers to protest austerity measures imposed on Portugal as a condition of the 78-billion euro bailout provided to the country by other European nations.

These images are similar to ones of a photojournalist being punched by a police officer at protests in Athens last October. While it can be argued that these photos only show one moment in time and not the events leading up to them, they are still shocking and incriminating. Hopefully knowing that their actions will not go undocumented will force law enforcement to act more responsibly. And for photojournalists covering protests and over events, knowing your rights and acting responsibly is still probably the best protection you can have.

via. Reuters