Behind The Scenes: Photographing A Man On Fire

Photographer Benjamin Von Wong has created some incredible images by setting his subjects aflame

Man on faire

Man on faire

Benjamin Von Wong

Benjamin Von Wong is a photographer with a knack for using unconventional materials to capture an incredible feeling of motion in his art. These two behind the scenes videos show him playing with fire — quite literally. In both videos, he's photographing stuntmen set alight, and the final images are undeniably powerful. The thing that they really hammer home is how important it is to get professionals for work like this (in these cases, stuntmen Felix Famelart and Jo Gorsky), and how much of a difference environmental factors can make. The problem of the wind is especially pertinant when it comes to photographing fire.

This is not something to be tried at home, unless you know exactly what you're getting in to — but man, the images that come out of this look absolutely incredible. Just keep a fire extinguisher handy.