"Year of the Glitch" Makes Art Out of Digital Chaos

Artist Phillip Stearns is inducing glitches into digital technology, and making glorious art in the process

Year of the glitch

Year of the glitch

Phillip Stearns

Year of the Glitch is a year-long project from Phillip Stearns, which sees the artist intentionally screwing with the circuitry on cameras in order to intentionally make them perform in bizarre and unexpected ways. As he describes it:

Each day will bring a new image, video or sound file from a range of sources: prepared digital cameras, video capture devices, electronic displays, scanners, manipulated or corrupted files, skipping CDs, disrupted digital transmissions, etc. These images are not of broken things, but the unlocking of other worlds latent in the technologies with which we surround ourselves.

These images range from those that still bear a resemblance to the photograph, some are complete noise, and others lie somewhere in between. Stearns takes these photos by using "prepared cameras", cameras that he's opened up and soldered on intentional short-circuits in order create these glitches. The results are then heavily tweaked in order to bring out certain features of their particular glitch.

It would be extremely interesting to see a companion image taken by a normal camera, just to get a feel for how much of the proper photograph remains after the glitch, but perhaps in doing so we'd lose some of the mystique and randomness behind the technique.

[via PhotoJojo]