Photographer Nick Veasey Makes Beautiful X-Rays For Macallan Scotch

A limited edition Macallan whisky has x-ray art from the famed photographer

six pillars

six pillars

Prominent x-ray photographer Nick Veasey has leant his talents to a special limited edition version of The Macallan's 12-year sherry oak scotch, a single malt whisky aged in a sherry cask. The limited edition will be available in the USA only, and each of the six images used in the series are based on one of "The Macallan's Six Pillars":

[H]ouse, representing Easter Elchies House, the spiritual home of The Macallan; still, representing the curiously small stills that give The Macallan its rich character; scissors, representing the finest cut of spirit – only 16% of the distillation is filled into cask; cask, representing the exceptional oak casks that we use to mature our whisky; feather, representing natural colour, as we use no artificial colourings in any of our whiskies; liquid drop, representing the peerless spirit that is The Macallan.

You can read an interview with Veasey here about the photographs, and the process of taking the x-rays isn't as simple as using a hospital machine, and scanning the negatives. Veasey has a number of x-ray machines of varying power and capabilities, which are housed in a specially constructed concrete building to contain the radiation. For his own protection, Veasey even goes so far as to remotely operate the machines from outside the building to minimize his exposure — but for all the danger, his work produces incredible, life-size results. Though I'm still curious how he x-rayed a drop of liquid.

[via PSFK]