Donate Online to the Fund Honoring Fallen Photojournalist, Chris Hondros

The non-profit set up after Hondros' death now has a live website, and will soon start awarding fellowships

Chris Hondros website

Chris Hondros website

Getty photojournalist Chris Hondros was tragically killed in Libya earlier this year, capturing images of the conflict up until his death. The Chris Hondros fund was set up in his memory in order to "support and advance the work of photojournalists who espouse the legacy and vision of Chris Hondros and raise understanding of the issues facing those reporting from conflict zones through fellowships, grantmaking and education."

The fund will be offering two fellowships, a series of grants, as well as endeavoring to increase awareness of the issues facing people who report from war zones:

Fellowships Chris Hondros Fellowship in Photojournalism: Each year, the Fund will select an outstanding photojournalist who is committed to creating a visual history that brings shared human experiences intohe public eye and whose work shows exceptional promise to receive a fellowship for the study of photojournalism. The Fund anticipates soliciting the first round of applications in 2012. Hondros Fellow at Eddie Adams Workshop: The Fund will award an annual fellowship to one of the attendees of the Eddie Adams Workshop based on the photography created during the workshop and a portfolio review. Recipients should demonstrate a commitment to documenting a visual history of newsworthy events in the “spirit” of Chris Hondros; his imagery, and continuous drive to tell a story always made his work compelling and the successful recipient of the fellowship will share and demonstrate a similar vision and approach. Hondros attended the Workshop as a student in 1993, and returned as a team leader in 2007. On October 10, 2011, Enrico Fabian received the first Hondros Fellow award based on his powerful body of work created during the workshop, his telling portfolio and unyielding commitment to photojournalism. Grantmaking The Fund will provide grants to non-profit organizations and academic institutions to support projects that advance the work of aspiring photojournalists and working photojournalists and to protect and assist journalists whose work demonstrates the Fund’s mission: to create a visual history that brings shared human experiences into the public eye. These grants may also assist in raising public awareness of the effects of conflict on civilians, combatants, and society. The Fund plans to work with select organizations to develop appropriate projects and will not initially accept unsolicited proposals. Awareness The Fund seeks to raise awareness and educate the public about the work of photojournalists, which the Fund anticipates will include operating a lecture series, curating and promoting exhibitions, and providing direct support, in the form of fellowships and awards, to photojournalists.

The fund is also hoping to continue one of Hondros' last project, an audiovisual concert called Sound+Vision: At War, which presents his photography accompanied by the works of JS Bach.

As a recognized 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, you can make a tax deductible donation to the fund if you support its goals.