Skrekkøgle are a Norwegian design studio who have a website filled with weird and wonderful things they’ve made, including making a photograph out of the ashes of a friend’s pet. The Gordon Setter was cremated after she died, and the owner decided he wanted something a little more memorable than burying an urn — so they decided to make a portrait printed using her remains.

They stripped and rebuilt a printer to use the ashes as a printing material on a dark canvas. After much experimenting with various powders, they figured out the correct combination of parts on processes to adhere the ashes to the background. The website doesn’t go into much detail about how they did it, but the results seem pretty impressive, and remind me more of an antique lithograph than anything else.


The craziest part? They’re now offering this service to anyone. They don’t have a price up in their store for it, but if you drop them an email, they’ll help you sort out getting the remains to them so they can start the process. People have been doing something similar by having ashes mixed into tattoo ink for some time now, but even that seems a little less weird than this.

I’m torn here. I can’t tell if this is a beautiful way to remember a loved pet, or morbid and creepy. A little bit of both, I suppose.

[via Reddit]