Flickr Select

In March 2009, Getty and Flickr teamed up for “Flickr Collection”, a huge series of images pulled from Flickr and available to Getty users to license for their needs. However, at more than 120,000 images, it gets a bit unwieldly. Now Getty Images has announced “Flickr Select”, a selection of images curated by their editors for the best — and most commercially viable — content. The collection is debuting with 6,000 images, with more set to be released on a monthly basis.

“The crowd-sourced nature of Flickr means that we’re seeing all aspects of life documented and reflected,” said Andrew Delaney, Head of Content at Getty Images. “What sets Flickr Select apart are one-of-a-kind pictures hand-picked by our editors and art directors that illustrates life as it’s being lived – real moments captured by everyday people.”

The original “Flickr Collection” was billed as being a curated subset of the best of Flickr — so why does Getty feel the need select a further subset of images? The British Journal of Photography asked this question, and were told by a spokesperson that this is “a way of differentiating these images as the more premium amongst the Flickr collection. The range of pictures within Getty Images’ Flickr collection is significant. As a result, we have used our creative expertise to group these images into different collections, suited to different needs and demands – the intent being to help our customers differentiate and find the exact [rights-managed] image they want for their usage needs.”