The Associated Press and Corbis have just announced that the two companies are pairing up, giving customers access to more than 10 million images across both their archives. The alliance combines approximately 5 million images from each of their archives into one, enormous database that subscribers can use. You can see a preview of the images with a specially set up slideshow, which shows off the wide variety of images that both companies can offer, both modern and historic.

You can definitely see the AP’s news and editorial bent and Corbis’ more creative and documentary images, but both have historically relevant and memorable photographs. Here’s how the pair describe their archives:

In other words, you’ll be able to go to one image archive, regardless if you need an image from today’s news or pictures from a fashion shoot.

At this stage we don’t know if existing customers will automatically be given access to the combined image banks, if they’ll have to pay more for that privilege, if this is a completely separate service, if it’s the entire archives of each company (or if they’re holding something back).

However, with 10 million images available, there will certainly be no shortage of choice.