Documentary Lets You Follow the President’s Photographer

President Obama’s chief photographer is Pete Souza, a man whose job is to follow the president around, and record the historic occasions that swirl around him at all times. Some of his photos have become iconic, like the shot of the White House staff in the war room during the raid which lead to the death of Bin Laden. Day in, day out, he’s the one following Obama, and making sure all of these moments get recorded and are recorded well.

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Which is why PBS and National Geographic put together this documentary, not just following Souza, but also his predecessors, and how important they are to creating a full and complete record of a presidency. You can watch the entire documentary either through the embedded version above, or on PBS’s site.

It’s about an hour long, and looks behind the scenes at the work of Souza, and four of his predecessors: David Hume Kennerly (Gerald Ford); David Valdez (George H.W. Bush); Bob McNeely (Bill Clinton); and Eric Draper (George W. Bush).

And yes, that is Morgan Freeman narrating.