Strange Contest Blog

Not everyone can be lucky enough to go to photography school, but that doesn’t mean we can’t collectively participate in some exercises to help hone our skills. To kick things off, we’re doing one of the most valuable exercises we can think of. This week, you’re tasked with going out and taking a photo of a person whom you’ve never met before. Head to an event, have your friends introduce you to someone new or just go out on the street. Be friendly and respectful and you’ll probably come away with a great image you would’ve missed if you were shy.

Note: You can shoot with a long lens if you want, but the real purpose of this exercise is to get you comfortable with new subjects. You’ll get a lot more out of it if you actually interact with your new subject/friend. Also, no shooting people from behind. That’s one of street photography’s golden rules and it applies here as well.

There’s no actual prize for this little exercise, but we’ll likely pick one of the outstanding images for Photo of the Day. Do this because you want to and not because you’re hoping to win a prize.

You have one week. Just like it is in school. No go!