Chase Jarvis Wants your Snapshots

Dasein: An Invitation to Hang is a new photography project that lets you and everyone else exhibit with the pros in NYC.

Chase Jarvis has made a reputation for himself as a major supporter of social networking. He even has his own iPhone app and a book of iPhone photography called The Best Camera is The One That's With You. Jarvis has just been appointed Artist in Residency at the Ace Hotel in New York, and has part of his tenure, he's putting together a month-long exhibition of snapshots taken by him, and submitted by anyone and everyone, the world over.

Called "Dasein: An Invitation to Hang," it will be a collection of photographs taken by submitters, Jarvis himself, guests at the hotel using Kodak cameras, and friends of Jarvis', all of which are hung anonymously in a gallery. But Chase doesn't want your most artfully posed and beautifully poised studio piece. He wants snapshots of everyday life, taken using whatever's lying around:

We have hit a critical mass of cameras in our culture. They are nearly ubiquitous. Point & shoot cameras, polaroids, web cameras, surveillance cameras, dSLR cameras and particularly mobile phones....Casual photographs of our lives are now everywhere in our culture, but their abundance and this sudden shift to ubiquity has unjustly rendered them benign in many circles–most certainly in academic ones. In contrast, however, I’ve found, and my statement is that, they have more metaphysical power, and are more closely aligned to humanity, than perhaps any other type of photography. [...] The amount of time spent intending or creating the image–in the case of a snapshot, only a matter of seconds–is not the appropriate criterion from which to prescribe artistic valuation. These snapshot images represent a touching sense of freedom that is absent in most photographs that are typically celebrated, hung in galleries, museums, and installations. This is simpler; it’s the maker of the pictures being purely enthralled by what he or she sees before them.

The program will run for a month, and started May 11th. If you're interested in submitting images, you can do so via the project's website.