Hasselblad announced an update to its Phocus imaging software, Phocus 2.6, as well as two new spinoff products in the form of Phocus Quick and Phocus Mobile.

Hasselblad’s newly tweaked software offers users more versatility and workflow ease-of-use. The most notable tweak in version 2.6 is its compatibility with Windows and its ability to support TIFF and JPEG files.

Other additions include a dust removal tool, star rating system and various means of filtering images, as well as a snappier multi-shot viewer.

Hasselblad also announced the release of Phocus Quick, an automated version of its processing software that essentially imports and processes one’s RAW images, saving both a RAW and JPEG copy, with one simple click. It is ideal for those who need to work extremely fast.

Finally, Hassleblad is jumping into the realm of mobile aps with the launch of Phocus Mobile for iPhone and iPad. The ap allows users to remotely connect to a computer running Phocus 2.6, to view and sort images.

Both Phocus 2.6 and Phocus Quick are available now via download at Hasslbald.com free of charge. Phocus Mobile is also free, but will not be available until some time in March. For more info head to Haselbald.com.