Ricoh announced the newest compact in its CX line of cameras today in the form of the 10MP CX5.

Stand out specs include 10.7x optical zoom (28-300mm 35mm equivalent), a 3” LCD, 720p HD video capture and 5fps continuous shooting.

The camera also features a newly tweaked autofocus system that Ricoh touts as having the capability to find a point of focus in half the time of its predecessor the CX4—as quick as .2 seconds.

Other nifty features include” “Super-resolution,” which, when enabled, essentially sharpens and adds contrast to one’s image—it can be set to Strong, Weak or Off.

It seems that every time a company puts out a new compact it features a whole new list of Scene Modes, some of which, are pretty ridicolous. The CX5 however takes the cake (literally) with its “Cooking Mode”. Other new modes include “Continuous Golf Swing Mode.”

While no pricing or launch date has been set just yet, we do know that the Ricoh CX5 will be available in black, silver and pink. For more info, head to