The concept of Help-Portrait is fairly simple: find someone who is distressed or in need of some positivity in their life, photograph a portrait of that person, have it printed and deliver it to them.

By doing this, Jeremy Cowart, the movement’s founder, feels that one can effectively help to restore a sense of pride and self-worth in somebody who has found themselves in a bad place. It may not be a meal, or a shelter or a pair of cloths, but Jeremy feels that a sense of pride is something that can often be even more valuable.

Last December, 3,400 photographers participated and delivered more than 41,000 images to those in need. In fact the movement was so popular last year that individuals in 42 countries participated.

This year, Ritz Camera is offering participating photographers a buy one get one free deal for all images printed for the movement. For more information on this awesome movement and to get involved check other