October Issue 2010


Spotlight on Nature: Animal Scenics
Shooting wildlife doesn’t have to be close-ups, sometimes your subject is all about its landscape.** By: Ian Plant**

Life as a Rock and Roll Photographer
Jeremy Harris makes a living capturing all the energy of live music, both on and off the stage.** By: Debbie Grossman**

Future Tech: A look at Next Gen Cameras
Edible cameras. Focus that changes after you shoot. What’s really in store for photo technology? By: Robin Rowe


We want this: LX5
Panasonic’s new high-performance compact is a worthy follow-up to the LX3.

New Gear: Nikon D3100 DSLR
Serious upgrades in the still and video department make this a serious entry-level contender.

Lightstopper: Hoya’s Pro1 Digital ND16 filter
For those times when there’s just too much light.


Share: Monthly Photo Challenge
Use a compact for a great nature photo and you could win this month’s photo challenge.

I Photographer: Shooting the Big Leagues
Ron Vesely is the Chicago White Sox’s team photographer. By: Kathleen Davis

My Project: Water Works
Wilson Baker documents local fishing industry and tradition. By: Lori Fredrickson


Creative Thinking: Thinking Like a Photographic Minimalist
Learn how to find your inner-photographic-Zen. By: Laurence Chen

Tips and Tricks: for Better Flower Photographs
Learn how to take exciting non-cliché flower photos. By Peter Kolonia

Essentials: Why Sensor Size Changes the Angle of View
Understanding the crop factor. By Dan Richards

Traveling Photographer: Shooting the Great Butterfly Migration
Making the most of a couple million monarchs. By Jeff Wignal

Lighting: Photograph Your Own Eye
Create a startling close-up with a ring flash. By Peter Kolonia

Software Workshop: Easier HDR
Use Photoshop CS5’s new tools for a bigger range of tones, no plug-ins required. By Debbie Grossman

You Can Do It: Leaf Show
Learn how to find a new angle for fall foliage. By Peter Kolina


Hands on: Canon EOS 60D DSLR
Spend some quality time with Canon’s new HD-video-shooting prosumer camera. By: Philip Ryan

Camera Test: Sony Alpha 390
The more grippable successor to the A380 is a lot like, well, the A380. By: Philip Ryan

Tested: Canon 15-85 f/3.2-5.6
Canon’s widest digital-only IS zoom is a real blur buster. By: Julia Silber

Tested: Pentax 50-200mm f/4.5-5.6 DA WR
Meet the first weather-resistant kit telezoom. By: Julia Silber


Pop Photo’s monthly Showcase Gallery
Each month, check out the very best image shot by our staff.

Your Best Shot Gallery
The place to see each month’s winners.

Backstory: Tele Photo
Mel Stoutsenberger shoots a famous telescope. By: Lori Fredrickson