This is by far one of the niftiest photography iPhone apps we’ve seen—Light Studio teaches all the basics of shooting portraits with studio lighting through tutorials and a neat 3D virtual studio.

The first set of tutorials explains all the different types of lighting and positioning available when photographing someone in a studio. We found it to be extremely helpful that the app also provides sample images to go along with each different type of lighting. The tutorials also offer advice on when to use different lighting techniques and what kinds of faces they each flatter.

But by far the coolest part of the app is the interactive 3D lab, which allows users to move, reposition and change the power output of up to the three virtual lights in a virtual studio. As adjustments are made, one can even see how the lighting affects a virtual model’s face. Additionally, once you get the lighting just right, you can simply take a screen shot and save it as a reference for later.

For $1.99, this app is likely to become a any studio photographer’s best friend.

From: DIYPhotography.net