The infamous Happy Meal. Top: Day 1, Bottom: Day 180. Photographs by Sally Davies.

What originally started out as an argument over how long it would take for a McDonalds Happy Meal to get moldy, turned into a scientific experiment and eventually a fascinating photographic project.

On April 10, 2010, Sally Davies, a New York City photographer, purchased a Happy Meal with the plans of letting it sit out on her coffee table, uncovered, to prove a friend wrong who was convinced it would get moldy and rot after only a few days.

Sally began photographing the burger and fries daily and posting the images on her Flickr. After a week, the Happy Meal’s appearance looked virtually unchanged. This was when Sally realized two things—first, that her friend was indeed wrong and second, that she should hang onto the meal to see just how long it would actually take to rot.

180 days later, Sally had acquired 27 images of the burger (after the first ten days, she began photographing the meal about once a week). The scary part: the first photo of the fresh burger and fries looks almost identical to the burger and fries photographed a half a year later.

How does that sit in your stomach?

_From: Yahoo News_