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_ The Streetwalker photo backpack is just one of the many prizes. 

Need a new camera bag, or better yet $5000? Then you’d better enter Think Tank Photo’s 5-year anniversary contest! That’s right, the camera bag company owned and operated by photographers designing gear for photographers, is giving away all sorts of fabulous prizes. One grand-prize-winner will get the cash while catagory winners and runners-up will all be awarded various pieces of Think Tank gear.

Contestants may submit up to four images, one for each of the following categories:

-The most urban, gritty or edgy shot.

-The most creative/interesting/unique “What’s in your bag” shot.

-A photo that portrays Think Tank’s “Be ready before the moment” theme.

-The most creative/interesting/unique shot of a photographer using Think Tank gear.

Contestants must be 18 or over and have until November 30th, 2010 to enter. For more info and to submit your work, head on over to Think Tank Photo’s Facebook page.