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The digital revolution has breathed new life into the neutral-density (ND) filter. Smaller-than-full-frame sensors give you extra depth of field—fine when you want it, but not when you want to throw the background out of focus with a large aperture. On a bright day, you may not be able to do it at all.

Enter Hoya’s new PRO1 Digital ND16 filter, which, at 4 stops of light loss, is the densest in the PRO1 line to date. This will let you use, say, f/2 instead of f/8 without changing shutter speed. Or, to blur moving water, you can set 1/4 sec instead of 1/60 sec at the same aperture. Like other PRO1 filters, the ND16 uses multi-coating optimized for digital sensors and a low-profile frame to discourage vignetting.

The Hoya Pro1 Digital ND16 Filter is available at your local camera store for between $50-100.