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Images like this famous portrait of President Abrham Lincoln are available as reprints. January 8, 1864. Gelatin Print. Photograph by Mathew B. Brady,_ Photographs Division, Library of Congress._

My grandmother use to tell me, “The library is full of things you don’t know.” And she was absolutely correct—although in this case, her aphorism doesn’t refer to just any library, but the Library of Congress.

Through the department of Duplication Services, you can pick through and purchase a photographic print—made from the original negative—of many of the images in the Library of Congress archive. The average price for an 8×10 is about $40, although there are numerous options for size and paper quality of the print requested.  Everything from presidential portraits, to famous historical events, even select images by famous photographers like Mathew Brady and Walker Evans, are fair game. It should be noted that while the selection is large, the availabilty and usage of all the images are dictated by their copyrights.

Head on over to The Library of Congress to search their vast archive and to pick out your own personal piece of American history to take home.  Also you can follow the link for more information on the reproduction options: Duplication Services.