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Use DropMocks.com and create a simple online gallery by dragging and dropping images from your desktop.

Everyone has come across a point in time when they had several photos, or even a gallery, that they wanted to quickly and easily post to the internet, to either share with friends and family or to show to others for professional reasons.

Sure there is Picasa, Flickr and even Facebook, but all these services involve logging in and several steps to build the gallery.  Enter DropMocks.com, a website that allows one to simply drag and drop images from their desktop onto the browser to create a simple and effective gallery—without ever having to even log in.

Once the gallery is built, viewers can scroll left and right to see each individual image. Dropmocks also provides a unique URL so that the gallery can be passed on to anyone else. And the best part, it is completely free.

Try Dropmock out for yourself and be amazed.

From: Lifehacker.com