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With Apple’s updated iOS 4.1, iPhone users can now create HDR images directly in their camera app._ Apple.com_

The theme of today’s annual Apple press conference may have been music, but there were also a few photography-oriented announcements dished out by Steve Jobs.

Apple’s updated mobile operating system, iOS 4.1 gives iPhone users a whole slew of new features, including an HDR feature, which is integrated directly into the camera app.  Like most automatic HDR modes, it takes three bracketed images and combines them into a single picture.

iPhone video shooters will also be able to upload their HD videos directly to the web from their device, as long as they have access to a WiFi connection.

The hugely popular iPod touch also got some optical updates, taking its total camera count from a zero up to two. Like on the iPhone, the rear-facing camera captures 720p HD video, which can be edited in the device using a mobile version of iMovie. The front-facing camera is meant for utilizing Apple’s WiFi-only video chat feature, FaceTime. Not only can you talk to other iPod touch users, but you can also get face-to-face with iPhone 4 users as well.

Ipad users will have to wait until November for iOS 4.2 to hit, at which point they’ll have access to the brand new Print Center app, which makes it even more valuable to the corporate set.