A few weeks ago we told you that the season finale of Fox’s hit medical drama, House was shot entirely on Canon’s 5D Mark II. A teaser has hit the web via Fox’s official Youtube account and the footage is looking pretty excellent, especially after having had the typical TV post production magic applied to it. Of course, Youtube has worked its anti-magic (also known as video compression) so we won’t get the full impact until it hits HDTVs on May 17th, which is next Monday.

Right from the opening shot of the teaser, it’s clear that the film makers were eager to take full advantage of the 5D Mark II’s unique focusing capabilities. There are moments where the exaggerated depth of field becomes pretty apparent as well. Even though I’m not a regular House fan, I’ll be tuning in just to see what they could do with the camera. Unless it gets too sad or gross. Then it’s over to reruns of Top Gear.