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If the Canon 5D Mark II has a bucket list, it’s doing a heck of a job checking things off of it. Producers of Fox’s hit medical drama House opted to load up Canon’s full-frame HDSLR to shoot the show’s highly anticipated season finale. Other shows, like Fox’s 24 have used the 5D Mark II before, but this is the first time we have heard of a big time network show ditching the big cameras and sticking solely to DSLRs.

Director, Greg Yaitanes, answered fan questions about the production on his Twitter (distilled here by Peta Pixel) and revealed that they used a heap of standard Canon glass, including “all the canon primes and the 24-70 and the 70-200 zoom.” Honestly, Greg doesn’t exactly seem like a camera nerd, but it should be very interesting to see the final result. The episode is scheduled to hit TVs on May 17th so you might want to set your DVR now if you’re not already a card-carrying House fan.