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Unless you bought one of Fujifilm’s Real 3D W1 compacts, your photography has probably been living happily in two dimensions. But, if you want to try that viewmaster effect, but don’t want to shell out for a $600 camera (not to mention the special glasses or picture frame you’ll need just to see the pictures in 3D), you can pick up one of Holga’s dual-lens stereo cameras. The body itself retains all the charms of the classic Holga, but it snaps two simultaneous images from slightly different perspectives, so when viewed through a 3D slide viewer, you get an extra layer of depth.

The camera itself has been around for quite some time, but can be hard. However, it’s readily available now from Lomography.com and costs $99, which sounds about right, since the rig is essentially two of the normal flash Holgas. But, the 3D slide viewer will set you back another $20. They offer a few bundles as well, but sadly, none of them come with a roll of tape to keep light from leaking inside the plastic body.